Natural Disaster is an adverse phenomenon of the earth which destroys the earth. It is an extreme sudden event caused by the environmental factors. A natural disaster disrupts the normal process of life in a particular area. There is countable number of people die but the number of animals after a disaster. After disaster people are in a state of shock for a period of time. People comes in a state of shock as they don’t understand what has happened that changed their lives, destroyed their homes and area too. A natural disaster happens all over the world but there are certain areas which are highly prone to certain kinds of disasters.

In India number of natural disasters, i.e. earthquakes, Tsunamis, cyclones, landslide etc, have occurred since years. India has an physiography, it is an country prone to different disasters. So, the country needs an efficient disaster management and is has to be ready for any of it at anytime.The question here arises is India ready for natural disaster, has the government working efficiently on this. It is very important to understand and put heed to the management of disaster in India. The Government of India has set National Disaster Management Authority for the management of disaster, it develops Preparedness and Rehabilitation.

National Disaster Policy was set up in 2009.The Government of India provides lot of support to the National Disaster management Authority; together they want to reduce the damage to life and property by the Pre-disaster ways.

India is a country with high population and illiteracy too, so there is a very less awareness among people about the disasters and its effects, people don’t take it seriously to know about the disasters, there is very less concern about  disasters .People are not ready to know about it. Sometimes it’s not just the illiteracy but other reasons that make them do so, the need of livelihood. The major population of India have not understood the concept of a disaster and how it would affect them. Government have taken various steps to aware people about disaster, its preparedness and mitigation. Its not just only in the hand of  Government but people have to put their efforts for the reducing the effects on life and property as it cannot be stopped, regulations have set to for constructions of infrastructures, environmental laws and regulations on compulsory study about environment in schools.

Disaster can come anytime anywhere anyway, sometimes predictions on disaster are not available. Its responsibility of everybody to be ready for a disaster.

The Government have made an effort for pre-disaster and post-disaster management but its not enough, the government has to increase its efficiency managing disasters.

Updated: December 9, 2017 — 11:04 am

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