CG TET Syllabus 2017 {Paper 1} in Hindi Download PDF

CG TET Syllabus 2017

It’s a very good news for all the candidates applied for CGTET Exam 2017-2018 this year that CG TET Syllabus 2017 is out and we have shared it below the post. We take care of your necessities. That’s why here we are sharing Chhattisgarh Teacher’s Eligibility Test Syllabus 2017-2018 on this website. Candidates who wants to crack the CG TET Exam 2017-2018 need to understand the syllabus very carefully and deeply. You need to clear each and every single point of Syllabus to get qualifying marks in the CG TET Exam.

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CG TET Paper 1 Syllabus 2017

CGTET Syllabus: CG TET stands for teachers Eligibility test for Chhattisgarh district. this test is conducted by CG government for the recruitment of teachers for primary and upper primary classes. This Test takes place as  Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 is conducted to recruit the teachers for primary classes from 1st to 5th  and paper 2 is conducted to recruit the teachers for Upper primary classes from 6th to 8th if you are preparing for CG TET then and you are worried about what to study and what to not then don’t worry because today we are going to tell you about the syallabus of paper 1 the syllabus is as follow:

1. Child development and Pedagogy

⦁ child development ( for a primary school going child)
⦁ concept of inclusive education and understanding students with special needs
⦁ Learning and its pedagogy

2. Language 1

⦁ Language comprehension
⦁ Pedagogy for language and its development.
⦁ for this section you have to prepare wisely and regularly because people take this section easy and make a big mistake

3. Language 2

⦁ Comprehension
⦁ pedagogy of language and its development

4. Mathematics

⦁ geometry
⦁ shapes and spatial and its understanding
⦁ solids around us
⦁ numbers
⦁ addition and subtraction
⦁ multiplication
⦁ division
⦁ measurement and weight
⦁ time, volume and data handling
⦁ patterns
⦁ money

Pedagogical issues:

⦁ Place of mathematics in the curriculum of school
⦁ language of mathematics
⦁ evaluation through formal and informal methods
⦁ problems of teaching
⦁ error analysis and related aspects of learning and teaching
⦁ diagnostic and remedial teaching
5. Enviromental Studies

⦁ family and friends
⦁ relationships
⦁ work and playing
⦁ animals ,plants and food
⦁ shelter , water and travel
⦁ things we make and do

Pedagogical issues:

⦁ Concept and scope of EVS
⦁ significance of EVS
⦁ Integrated EVS
⦁ enviroment studies
⦁ enviroment education
⦁ learning principles
⦁ scope and relation to science and social science
⦁ approaches of presenting concepts
⦁ activities
⦁ experimental/ practical work
⦁ discussion
⦁ Comprehensive commulative evaluation
⦁ teaching materials
⦁ problems

This is the syllabus for CG TET paper 1. We hope that this syllabus has helped you a lot in preparing for your CGTET Examination for Paper 1 for the year 2017-2018. Kindly keep in touch with for more latest updates to stay tuned about CG TET Exam.

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